Two Award Types

  1. Annual Reports; This award recognises annual reports that effectively tell the story of the nonprofits its activities, impact, finances and demonstrates adherence to good governance practice.
  2. Governance Improvement Initiative; This award recognises initiatives that have been taken in the last 12 months to improve the quality of the nonprofit’s governance

Four great reasons to enter:

Open for non-profits of all sizes

There are 6 entry categories ranging from small (annual turnover of less than €50,000) to the very large (turnover of over €15 million.)

Entries reviewed by a first class assessment and judging panel.

We have a panel of 60 plus assessors and judges and 7 accountancy firms who bring great expertise and experience who will review your entry and will provide valuable feedback and insight to assist you in enhancing your organisation’s governance

Your organisation’s reputation is enhanced with your stakeholders

Entering the GGA demonstrates your commitment to adhering to good governance practice and transparency. It also shows your willingness to be assessed and receive feedback on how you can enhance your governance.

Your team’s morale is boosted and you gain valuable PR opportunities

Being shortlisted for a GGA award recognises the hard work that goes on in your organisation to adhere to good governance practice. Winning an award boosts credibility and increases awareness of your organisation which can help convince even more people that you are a cause worth supporting.


New entry category and extra entry incentive

In this year’s Awards, we have a new entry category for very small nonprofits (annual turnover less than €50k). As an added incentive to encourage smaller nonprofits to enter for the annual report award, thanks to the Community Foundation of Ireland, those shortlisted in this category will receive €1,000 with the overall winner receiving an additional €1,000. For more details see