The aim of the Roscommon Public Participation Network structures and processes is to facilitate and enable the public and the organisations to articulate a diverse range of views and interests within the local government system.

The Network:
Facilitates the participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner through the Environmental, Social Inclusion & Voluntary sectors on decision making bodies

Strengthens the capacity of communities and of the Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary groups to contribute positively to the community in which they reside/participate

Provides information relevant to the Environmental, Social Inclusion & Voluntary sector and acts as a hub around which information is distributed and received.

Benefits of the PPN:

  • Stay informed about what is going on in your community
  • Be consulted on issues relevant to your community
  • Get involved in planning, development and decision making process
  • Collaborate with similar groups or create partnerships to enhance current activities
  • The PPN empowers you and the wider community to make an input and influence the future well-being of Roscommon County.