Breast Cancer Ireland launched their complimentary breast education and awareness programmes targeted at Transition year students, women in business and the community, in fact women nationwide – in an attempt to begin to educate all women about good breast health, how to perform a breast self-examination and the signs and symptoms to look for….taking the fear factor out of a breast cancer diagnosis.


As part of our programme, we are offering the opportunity for me, as Outreach Coordinator, to come along to your organization, explaining a little more about Breast Cancer Ireland and the advancements being made in Research.  In addition, to complement the overall presentation, I will demonstrate on our specialized mannequin how best to perform a breast self-examination and share my own personal experience of having had a breast cancer diagnosis.


Those interested in availing of this beneficial service can do so by contacting Rachel Fitzgerald-Feeley – Outreach Coordinator Breast Cancer Ireland – 087-1674980 or indeed at