Pobal has been engaged by the DECC to administer a €5m grant scheme under their Climate Action fund.


Our scheme, is called the Community Climate Action Programme (CCAP).  Details will be available from tomorrow on our website and the application portal will open on Monday morning 15th November and will close on 14th January 2022.


The purpose of this funding is to facilitate eligible organisations to collaboratively develop supports, tools, know-how and approaches to assist local communities take climate action.

The strand focus is on climate education, capacity building and learning by doing – moving beyond ‘raising awareness’ to build the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to respond to challenges of climate change at a community level.


There is a preference for projects which have a relevant partnership approach and have a demonstration component or pilot phase (for those up to €500,000, especially) to validate their supports.

It is necessary for successful proposals to demonstrate inclusivity in design and practice, so that no one is left behind.


The following are eligible to apply if operating at national or regional level


  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Community and Voluntary or Charitable organisations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Universities, Third Level Institutions or Education
  • Libraries


There will be a series of information events , details on our website from tomorrow.