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Roscommon Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) Seat Vacancies

Roscommon Public Participation Network currently have vacancies for five representatives to sit on the Local Community Development Committee –

2 Community & Voluntary reps, 2 Social Inclusion reps & 1 Environment rep.


Background of the Local Community Development Committees (LCDC’s)

Each local authority has established a Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). The aim of the LCDCs is to develop, co-ordinate and implement a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development.

The membership of LCDCs includes members of the local authority, local authority staff, representatives of public bodies which provide services in the area; local community representatives; and representatives of publicly funded or supported local development bodies. The majority of members must be from the non-statutory sector.

The main function of an LCDC is to prepare, implement and monitor the community elements of the six-year local economic and community plan. It must consider the economic elements of the plan in order to enhance co-ordination with the community elements. It has a general role in seeking to ensure effectiveness, consistency, co-ordination and avoidance of duplication between the various elements of statutory body activities in the community




Role of PPN Rep on LCDC

  • A fundamental role of the elected PPN representative to the LCDC will be to represent and to give feedback to the PPN on the outcomes of the meetings, and the issues being raised
  • Attend group meetings – on average 8 meetings per year, usually held in the afternoon
  • Attend training and networking events as appropriate and required
  • Understand confidentiality issues which may arise
  • Provide all relevant information on local issues affecting their organisation in order to enable effective debate on issues raised
  • Take the time to read, absorb and understand communications that are received and carry out tasks/actions as allocated
  • Provide feedback to their member organisations on the work of the LCDC
  • From time to time participate on sub-committees relevant to their area of interest/expertise
  • Participate in decision making processes, for example LEADER funding applications
  • Have ongoing dialogue with local communities
  • Facilitates input by communities into decision making on local and community development funding.


Skills and Experience

In order to ensure that representation is informed and based on knowledge of the policy area and on commitment to the PPN, the following criteria for PPN representation will apply:

  • An awareness of general policy in the Community and Voluntary Sector
  • The ability of the nominee to effectively represent the views of the entire PPN/linkage group. They are not representing their own organisation.
  • A knowledge of the relevant areas and plenary decisions and a commitment to policy
    development where necessary.
  • A commitment to issuing a report on each meeting for publication by the PPN Coordinator
  • All LCDC members are required to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest.

How to Nominate a Candidate

  • Current member groups of Roscommon PPN who meet the membership criteria can nominate two people, one male and one female.
  • The people nominated must also be a member of a group which is a member of Roscommon PPN.
  • The people nominated must have consented in advance to their own nomination.


Expressions of Interest

Please be aware the information about the nominee will be shared throughout the network and on social media so please ask for the nominee’s consent before sending.


Nomination forms should be submitted by Friday October 26th to: Roscommon PPN, Unit 12, Tower B, Roscommon West Business Park, Golf Links Road, Roscommon, email: tel. 090 6665735 / 086 0478616