85% grant aid to develop ‘close-to-home’ woodland amenity projects for local communities


The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine’s NeighbourWood Scheme are offering 85% grant aid to develop ‘close-to-home’ woodland amenity projects for local communities .  This is a funding package aimed specifically at supporting communities, local authorities and other social partners in the development of local woodland amenities.   The Department, through the NeighbourWood Scheme, provides grant aid of up to 85% of the cost of various developments, including:


  • the installation of features such as walking trails, nature boards, picnic tables and parking,
  • the enhancement of the existing woodland, for example, through the removal of invasive species and planting within cleared spaces,
  • the creation of new woodland, through the planting of fast-growing native trees.


The scheme has funded a diverse range of projects since its launch, delivering ‘close-to-home’ woodland for local communities and schools to use and enjoy on a daily basis.  If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available under this scheme, the Department is hosting an information day at a recently completed NeighbourWood,


Balla Community Centre, Balla, Co Mayo commencing at 10am and concluding at 2pm this will include a visit to Balla Town Park Community Woodlands.  Refreshments on arrival and a light lunch will be provided at the community centre.


Please RSVP by return e mail to if you wish to attend by Monday 24th September.


Meanwhile further information on NeighbourWoods can be found at